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This is an list of the interesting posts we have presented on the Indie Author’s Corner. We try to provide helpful information to assist authors in marketing their novels along with important information about the book publishing industry. Many of our posts have been studies about current topics with input from outstanding, award-winning authors on to help authors. Select an article and try us out.

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1/9/2018  ONE MILLION views and Counting

3/16/2017  A Hot Time in the Desert – the Tucson Festival of Books 2017

3/21/2016  “Authors, Don’t Sell Your Short Stories SHORT.”- Short Story Marketing Strategy Study

3/15/2016  A Flower in the Desert – the Tucson Festival of Books 2016

3/9/2016  ARIZONA MYSTERY CON 2016

9/5/2015  Audiobooks Market Study: “Authors, I hear what you’re saying.”

6/9/2015  What You Should Know About Self-Publishing by Shelley Young

5/26/2015  Author Blogs: Using Your Blog to Market Your Novels to Your Readers

5/11/2015  Author Blogs: Helping Other Authors Has Its Benefits

5/1/2015  Audio books: Let’s Hear It From These Authors – Mother’s Day 2015

4/18/2015  The Dreams Convention – 2015

4/10/2015 Author Blogs: Time Management can be a Problem without Planning

4/3/2015  Author Blogs: What is your Primary blog goal?

3/16/2015  Desert Delight – The Tucson Festival of Books 2015

2/13/2015  Authors: Improve Your Twitter Messaging and Control

12/9/2014  Developing an Author Website – A Marketing and Communication Checklist Study

9/29/2014  eBook Author Resource List – Marketing, Design Services, Information Sources, Reviews, Interviews, Resource Profiles, Book List and more

7/21/2014  How Do You Develop and Use a List of Your Readers? – HBS Author’s Corner STUDY

7/20/2014  How Do You Develop and Use a List of Your Readers? – HBS Author’s Corner STUDY Detail

3/18/2014  Fun In The Sun – the Tucson Festival of Books 2014

3/3/2014  Your Book Launch Study: Detail From Outstanding Authors

3/3/2014  Your Book Launch: Marketing Methods and Ideas Used by Outstanding Authors – A Study

12/16/2013  Authors: Finding Your Readers On-line: A group of Award-winning Authors speak up. – A Study

12/16/2013 Authors: Finding Your Readers On-line: Response Detail

11/17/2013 Ebook Marketing: Boxed Sets are Gaining Exposure and Sales

11/5/2013 Book Author: An Interview with Melody Anne

10/20/2013  Getting Book Reviews: The Methods Award-Winning Authors Use – A Study

10/20/2013  Getting Book Reviews: The Methods Award-Winning Authors Use – The Detail Study

10/17/2013 Book Author: An Interview with Diane Capri

9/12/2013 Book Author: An Interview with Jinx Schwartz

7/16/2013  Book Marketing Using Paid Advertising – A Study – Part 2: The Bad News

7/15/2013  Book Marketing Using Paid Advertising – A Study – Part 1: The Good News

7/14/2013  Book Marketing with Paid Advertising – A Study

5/22/2013  Free eBooks Promotions Can Be Pure Gold for Authors

4/26/2013  Book Marketing, Trojan Style: LA Festival of Books 2013

3/15/2013  Book Marketing, Desert Style: Tucson Festival of Books – 2013

2/13/2013  Bestselling Author: An Interview with Tara Sivec

1/25/2013  Indie eBook Marketing: When You Get to the Fork in the Road, You Must Take It.

1/12/2013  Indie Author: You Need a Helping Hand to Succeed.

12/16/2012  Free Books: Give it away. Just give it away.

12/14/2012  Black Mountain Secrets – NOW Free starting 12/19/12 for 3 days

11/23/2012  Book Trailers: Do Authors Get Enough Bang for Their Buck?

11/14/2012  Book Author: An Interview with Melissa Foster

11/8/2012  NEW Book Release: Black Mountain Secrets

11/5/2012  Book Industry: An Interview with Expert Joanna Penn

10/18/2012  Author Blogs: Are You Hiding Your Contact Information From Your Readers?

9/27/2012  eBook Marketing: How Do You Target Your Reading Audience

9/17/2012  eBook Marketing: Is Buying a Great Book Review Your Cup of Tea?

9/17/2012  eBook Marketing: Is Buying a Great Book Review Your Cup of Tea?

8/30/2012  eBook Marketing: Include Live Contact Information in Your eBook

8/22/2012  Indie Authors: Your Copyright Page Needs Work

2/28/2012  eBook Industry: Does Amazon Have a Winning Hand or a Dead Man’s Hand?

2/1/2012 Real eBooks: Are We Still in the Stone Age?

12/1/2011 Self-Publishers and eBook Authors Need a CHAMPION

10/28/2011 Library eBooks: Is the eBook Ecosystem affected by the Amazon Library Lending Process?

10/21/2011 eBook Marketing: What Goes Around Comes Around

10/11/2011 eBook Authors: Is the New Kindle Library Lending Program a New Opportunity for Self-publishers?

9/7/2011 eBook Authors: Errors and the Dreaded Stigma of Self-Publishing

7/14/2011 eBook Authors: Self-Publishing is Like Playing Baseball

6/30/2011 The Mystery of the Missing Amazon Public Notes

6/23/2011 Ebook Publishing: Are Traditional Publishers Sitting on a Pot of Gold?

6/16/2011 eBook Self-Publishing: A Simple Guideline and Some Tips on Taking Those First Steps

6/2/2011 eBook Authors: Render Thy eBook or Miss The Boat

5/26/2011 Ebook Authors: Travel Guides are the Ultimate eBooks

5/11/2011 Ebook Industry: Where Is Microsoft?

4/28/2011 Ebook Authors: Do You Really Want To Be An Old Time Author?

4/20/2011 Ebook authors: 17 Great Information Sources

4/5/2011 Ebook Authors: The Kids Are Coming

3/25/2011 eBook Authors: Use The POWER of Links

3/12/2011 How to create a Kindle ebook? Anyone can make this stuff up.

3/2/2011 e-Textbooks: How do they stack up against traditional textbooks?

2/16/2011 eBook Publishers: Are eBook Copyright Pages Missing Information?

2/10/2011 Amazon Has Some REAL Good News and They Have Some Great News for e-Textbook and eBook Users

2/4/2011 What Makes the Top Selling eBook Authors Tick?

1/27/2011 A Bloody eBook Conversion Project

1/19/2011 Book Publishing: A Tale of Two Authors

1/11/2011 Amazon Warning to Associates and eBook Authors

1/11/2011 A Book Inside – Author Spotlight for 1/10/2011

1/7/2011 eBook Cover Study – Can you really till about an eBook by its cover?

12/23/2010 eBook Authors: Surefire Book Publishing Announces New Opportunity

12/13/2010 Lessons For the eBook Industry – Study the E-Forms Industry Beginning

11/30/2010 eBook Authors: You Must RENDER Your eBooks

11/22/2010 eBook Author: The New Breed of Author

11/12/2010 eBook Author: Wearing Two Hats

11/12/2010 Dogs: What does Bill O’Reilly, Stephen King, Steve Richer and Lee Harvey Oswald have in common?

11/12/2010 There’s No Replacing Email for Info x Mercy Pilkington

11/12/2010 FREE Books – HBS Author’s Spotlight Survey

11/12/2010 Dogs blog: Chapter 10 excerpt