*** Jonathon Stone Mysteries ***

My name is Jonathon Stone. Like a lot of single, All-American men I enjoy gambling and drinking and the ladies.

I am a Special Agent for the CIA. I am assigned to the west coast based – Far East Operation Center located in San Francisco.

My cover is a writer for the Real Sportsman Magazine. It seems to be a realistic, workable cover.

Two year ago, my boss, Russ Evans, changed my status to At Large and kept me in the Long Beach, CA area. Actually, Belmont Shore, if you want to be more specific.

I am what my fellow agents call an Asset-On-Call. I may show up anywhere in the world.

As a footnote, we also handle the Domestic Operation – Terrorism (DOT) division. It was formed to handle terrorist threats inside the U.S. after DHS took control of intelligence. This group is not on the Company’s organization chart.