Interviews and Articles

February 9, 2018: S.R. Mallery’s blog: KINDNESS KORNER
JAMES MOUSHON: Generosity Runs Supreme on the Blogosphere
Sarah is the award-winning author who writes stories with authentic characters. She writes Historical Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and Mysteries.

July 10, 2017: Uvi Poznansky’s blog: Showcases Jonathon Stone Short Story: Operation Camp Navajo
Uvi Poznansky is a bestseller, award-winning author, poet and artist. She is the author of Contemporary and Historical Fiction novels and Poetry.

July 3, 2017: Rosemary McCracken’s blog: Moving Target – “Don’t hide from your readers!”
Mystery Author Rosemary McCracken is the author of the Pat Tierney Mystery series.

March 1, 2017: Writers of the World blog sponsored by Warren Adler
Warren Adler is a famous author who has several of his novels made into films including The War of the Roses.

December 7, 2016: Shelley Young’s Blog – Thrill Me With Suspense!
An interview by Thriller and Suspense Author and Master Blogger Shelley Young. She is the author of The Blood Series – The Dardian Dreshaj Novels and the Dali Series.

March 26, 2016: Suzanne Jenkins’s Blog
An interview by Romance and Suspense Author Suzanne Jenkins. She is the author of the Pam of Babylon series and The Greeks of Beaubien Street.

February 26, 2016: Eden’s Exchange Talks w/Eden Baylee
An interesting interview by Eden Baylee. She is a Psychological Mystery and Thriller author and industry blogger.

January 20, 2016: AUTHOR WEDNESDAY w/PC Zick
Features Operation Alpha Dog x James Moushon plus an interesting interview

Monday Sampler: Black Mountain Secrets x James Moushon

November 24, 2015: Amy Metz Book Showcase – A Blue Million Books
Featured Author: James Moushon + Operation Alpha Dog

November 23, 2015: Christoph Fischer Book Showcase – writerchristophfischer ~ Just another site
New Release: Operation Alpha Dog, a 6-pack of Jonathon Stone Mystery Short Stories
by James Moushon – Mystery, Murder, Intrigue and Espionage

September 1, 2015: Marcia James Interview – THE JAMES GANG
September James Gang Interview

July 23, 2014: P.C.Zick Interview – P.C. Zick blog
Author Wednesday – James Moushon

July 21, 2015: Camelia Skiba Interview – FINDING LOVE ONE STORY AT A TIME
Fellow Writer James Moushon stops by!

April 15, 2014: Terry Ambrose Interview – Terry Ambrose – Mysteries with character
Author Wednesday – James Moushon

April 13, 2014: Annette Drake Interview – Author Annette Drake blog
Author spotlight: James Moushon

April 6, 2014: Amy Metz Book Showcase – A Blue Million Books
Featured Author: James Moushon + Black Mountain Secrets